Unruh Fire
  • Chassis models in Ford F-550 or International 4300 2 Door, Super & Crew
  • Custom cab console with map light
  • Custom Whelen or Code 3 light and siren package
  • 6 custom waterproof storage compartments with roll-up doors available in a variety of sizes
  • 100-500 gallon pre-mix foam tank
  • 500 lb. dry chemical system
  • 10 year warranty on aluminum bodies
  • Custom striping/lettering scheme
  • Twin Agent 100-150 ft electric rewind hose reel with Hydro-Chem CAF nozzle
  • 30 degree angle of approach and departure
  • Meets FAA and NFPA Guidelines
  • Joystick controlled Akron Fire Fox bumper turret with Hydro-Chem CAF nozzle
  • Polyprene body with lifetime warranty
  • Forward-Looking Infrared Camera (FLIR) with 7" monitor mounted in cab
  • Warn 12,000 lb. winch
  • Pre-connect handline with piercing nozzle
  • Adjustable shelves, roll-out trays
  • SCBA seating
  • Built-in SCBA compartments
  • Back-up camera
  • Chrome wheels and Chrome tubular cab steps
  • Winterization package
  • Driver Enhanced Vision System (DEVS)

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(High Energy Cold Compressed Air Foam) Technology

Pump trucks

Renegade HECCAF Trucks (High Energy Cold Compressed Air Foam Technology)

Unruh Fire offers a full line of Renegade™ Twin Agent Vehicles ranging from 100 to 500 gallons with commensurate foam and dry chemical. The Renegade product line has been rated as one of the top vehicles in the ARFF industry due to its custom design, features and quality. We meet and most often exceed FAA and NFPA 414 requirements. We will diligently work with you to customize your vehicle to suit your needs.

Tri-Max™ High Energy Cold Compressed Air Foam (HECCAF) Technology

Tri-Max™ technology allows for a high capacity system in a small package.

Tri-Max™ provides you with both a fire prevention system and fire extinguishing capability. The superior foam blanket is formed of uniformly sized, small air bubbles that are very durable. The foam blanket will remain for hours without need for replenishment. For fuel and chemical spills, the foam cover seals the vapors to prevent ignition and can provide containment for hazmat clean up with little or no water runoff. The Tri-Max™ produced foam adheres to the fuel surface and resists heat longer than ordinary foams. In confined areas, only a small percentage of foam is converted to steam as it travels through the fire to the fuel, thus greatly improving visibility. For class A fires, the excellent penetration of the foam stops combustion. The result - cleaner air and less supplemental damage. Tri-Max™ produced cold foam absorbs heat faster, thus reducing temperatures to further improve the fire fighting environment. Mechanical air compressors produce hot air; stored compressed air comes out cold. Tri-Max™ foam will cling to vertical surfaces providing superior exposure protection.

Tri-Max ™systems are operator friendly, simply open the air bottle valve and you are ready to discharge foam. Hose lines are very maneuverable as they are full of high energy cold foam, not heavy liquid. The high energy cold foam allows effective attack on the fire from a safer distance. There are no moving parts so maintenance is minimal.

Operating costs are low, allowing the Tri-Max™ system to be frequently used as a fire prevention tool and for training. Refills use a small quantity of foam concentrate and water. Tri-Max™ uses stored compressed air-not a large mechanical, high maintenance air compressor. The Renegade™ twin agent skids have two air bottles, each capable of pressurizing the vessel to move the solution and to inject air downstream to produce high energy cold foam for two full loads of premix agent.


Hydro-Chem™ Technology

The most effective method for extinguishing large pressure and flowing fuel fires.

By using foam solution as the means to propel, Encapsulated Dry Chemical Systems project dry chemical approximately three to four times farther than that of conventional dry chemical equipment.

Hydro-Chem™ technology gives the firefighter a safer and more efficient integrated system of delivering dry chemical onto large pressure and flowing fuel fires.

In operation, ground fires are extinguished using foam only. The foam solution applied then "ties-up" or harnesses the three dimensional fire, greatly reducing flame intensity. After this reduction in heat, dry chemical is then injected into the foam stream, resulting in a more efficient extinguishment of the fire. Each system is used in conjunction with customer-provided dry chemical storage equipment.


Renegade HECCAF trucks feature the simplicity of pre-mixed foam tanks and 500 lbs. of dry chemical or auxiliary agent. These compact systems will fit standard pick-up truck beds (100 to 150 gallons), utility beds (100-150 gallons) or custom aluminum or poly bodies (100-300 gallons). The foam tank is of welded steel construction according to the latest ASME unfired pressure vessel code for a working pressure of 250 psi. and is epoxy coated for corrosion resistance. The tank fill includes a large removable cap to facilitate easy foam and water filling. Few moving parts, low maintenance and easy operation are hallmarks of the HECCAF trucks. Only two switches are required for operation - one to activate the foam system and one to activate the auxiliary agent. The unique design of the air supply system features electric remote control with manual overrides. Each air cylinder is equipped with a high pressure 12-volt electric solenoid valve. Remote actuation of the cylinders is provided at both the console inside the cab and at the twin agent hose reel. To reservice the cylinders, a central point fill is provided allowing for refill from an air compressor or air cascade system instead of replacing air cylinders.


Renegade HECCAF trucks feature Ford Super Duty F-550 chassis. Cab choices range from a compact 2-door 60" CA up to a 4-door crew cab with 84" CA. This variety allows for many different combinations of body styles to accommodate your manpower, storage compartment size and overall vehicle length.


This 100 gallon pre-mix, 500 lb. dry chemical unit fits nicely on a flat bed or 3/4 ton pick-up truck bed. Ideal for a low cost solution to fire protection or for an auxiliary piece of equipment capable of maneuvering in parking garages.


Tri-Max Trucks

This Ford F-550 with 150 gallon pre-mix, 500 lb. dry chemical system installed in a utility bed provides a low cost, low profile system with some useful storage compartments.


Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Pump Trucks

Ford F-550 with a 150 gallon pre-mix tank, 500 lb. dry chemical system with 60" CA custom aluminum body.


Ford F-550 Chassis with 300 gallon pre-mix tank, 500 lb. dry chemical system with 84" CA custom aluminum body. This truck was designed for helicopter fire protection by the U.S. Navy.


Whether you want to install a twin agent system in a specialized utility bed or deploy it at the South Pole, call us at 888-849-4824 to help you configure what you need.

Tri-Max Trucks

Tri-Max Trucks

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