Unruh Fire
  • 5.5 HP Honda motor
  • 9 gallon per minute pump
  • 580 psi water spray
  • Poly tank sizes ranging from 50-300 gallons
  • Hannay reel with 125' hose capacity
  • Shown with Polaris HD700 4WD ATV (Optional)
  • Versatile: Skid can be mounted on a truck or ATV
  • Efficient: High-pressure and low volume allows for longer continuous spray with fewer refills
  • Simple: Designed by firefighters to be easy to use.



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Protect Your Home or Community From Brush Fires

The Unruh Fire Marco skid unit allows any operator to easily deliver a high-pressure, low-volume stream of water, ideal for small brushfires or to prepare your property for encroaching wildfires. These quality skid units are designed by firefighters to meet the needs of wildland as well as municipal fire departments, but are simple enough for a private homeowner or community HOA to operate.The Marco-Mertz

The Unruh Fire Marco skid unit is intended for use on small brush fires or to prepare a property in the event of encroaching wildfires. It is not intended to replace the efforts of your local fire department, provide sufficient protection for individuals in large fires, nor does it make a user a trained professional firefighter. As always, follow the instruction of your local fire department in any hazardous situations.

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